Inspired Leaders Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Inspired Leaders Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Kendall Flow Athletic, March – June 2018 Curious about becoming a yoga teacher or hand on heart 100% sure? For the not so sure and the sure alike, this is the kind of training that inspires you for life –...

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Softening into Change

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  – Alan Watts Impermanence. It’s one of the cornerstones in the teaching of Buddhism and something, in some way, that we all know we can’t avoid. Yet...

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Feeling unsettled?

I’ve been noticing it in classes at the moment. And I’m noticing it off the mat. And so have you.

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The Space Between Podcast Episode 5: Sally Fitzgibbons

I chat with Aussie surfing legend, Sally Fitzgibbons on The Space Between Podcast. Sally talks about growing up in the ocean, nature as medicine, movement as creativity as well as persistency and determination as key to success, Plus, I get an insight into the...

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A reminder: you always have access to these things

My experience at Aro Ha was nothing less than profound. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but whatever it is… it works. Like magic. Pure and simple. And it reminded me that there are some things that we always have access to…

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Ground. Wake. Charm. Be – a new meditation

A little end of week treat for you all. GROUND. WAKE. CHARM. BE – a new meditation.  Recently at Flow Athletic we completed our signature Inspired Yogis program that was embedded in mindfulness with the sole purpose of coming back to our ‘senses’ and...

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The Space Between Podcast – it’s live!

Hey Yogis, Proud as punch and ready to go! My very own The Space Between Podcast (can you tell I’m excited?) I launched this on Friday night and know some of you have already subscribed (thank you!). The Space Between podcast are conscious conversations with...

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Strong. From the Inside Out.

One of my favourite ‘doorways’ into mindfulness and feeling grounded at the moment is taking my awareness down into my core and hip region and directing breath there. It helps me re-align, feel my centre again and if I’ve been in a space of distress,...

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