Ground. Wake. Charm. Be – a new meditation

A little end of week treat for you all. GROUND. WAKE. CHARM. BE – a new meditation.  Recently at Flow Athletic we completed our signature Inspired Yogis program that was embedded in mindfulness with the sole purpose of coming back to our ‘senses’ and...

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The Space Between Podcast – it’s live!

Hey Yogis, Proud as punch and ready to go! My very own The Space Between Podcast (can you tell I’m excited?) I launched this on Friday night and know some of you have already subscribed (thank you!). The Space Between podcast are conscious conversations with...

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Strong. From the Inside Out.

One of my favourite ‘doorways’ into mindfulness and feeling grounded at the moment is taking my awareness down into my core and hip region and directing breath there. It helps me re-align, feel my centre again and if I’ve been in a space of distress,...

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NYC, Growth, Inspiration & a bunch of Flowers

As I snap out this little blog post in a state of inspiration, I’ve just come off the back of ten days of Yoga Teacher Training in NYC with an incredible teacher. If you were following any of my social posts whilst away you would have received a flavour for the...

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The Light – A Meditation

Hey Guys. Woke up this morning inspired to record and share this with you. So I have. Enjoy. The light within me recognises the light within you. Big love,...

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The light and the dark of contemporary messaging. It’s a sign of the times when you’re listening to the radio and an ad for Red Cross Blood Donation comes up enticing you to “Give blood and in return have an hour of free time to relax.” Knowing how these...

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THE CALL – Are you Being Called to Slow Down?

Are you being called to slow down? Are things getting in your way? Technical hick-ups? Injuries? Social engagements that get in the way of work or rest? Is it getting you frustrated, jaded and down? Before you melt down, give up and wish you could hide in a cave for a...

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Dear Yoga – a Love Note

Last week I wasn’t myself, or rather, I wasn’t connecting to myself in a way that I usually do. I’d had a skin cancer removed from my forehead (and because of the nature and size of the effected area it saw me go under a general anaesthetic) which...

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Fallen off the wagon with your New Years Intentions?

How are those New Year’s Resolutions? Intentions? Self-Promises? Feel like you’ve already fallen back into past patterns, old habits & familiar fuzzies? It happens. But it doesn’t mean you’re no longer worthy of receiving them nor getting...

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Aro Ha Adventure Wellness Adventure, NZ 17-22 Aug

I’m delighted to announce I’ll be going back to guest teach at one of my most favourite places on this planet, Aro Ha which is located just out of Queenstown, New Zealand. The 6 day 5 night program is one their signature programs designed to quickly...

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2016 – Bitter, Sweet, Ripe & Ready.

How’s your 2016 been? What were the highlights? The learnings? The loves? Where did you lean into pain and ‘felt it out’ until dissolved? Where did you numb and ignore? Where were you bold? Were could you have shown up more? Or less? Where could you...

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Ritual, Fulfilment & Advice for my Younger Self.

Was such a pleasure sitting down with my good friend, Chelsea of EQ Consulting to talk all things ritual, what it means for me to feel fulfilled and what advice I’d give to anyone starting their own business or project....

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I’m Out

And I’m out. Getting a little SPACE BETWEEN for a few weeks and hitting up a Peruvian Adventure with my Mumma. A long time coming, I’ve shifted priorities and taken off for this once in a lifetime trip. For now, head across to instagram to watch my...

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Ritual – Saving me from Insanity

Rituals. With them I’m productive, present and powerful. Without them I’m vague, scatty and directionless. Partly required for my constitution and partly a human need, rituals save me from insanity. Yoga. Meditation. Pulling Angel cards. Thanking my apartment every...

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Run Ready – Strike an Eagle

Let’s get you yogis run ready! It’s that time again…the 2016 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. It’s one of my favourite events and last year I had a blast leading the post-run yoga sessions in the Festival Village where I’ll be again on...

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